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The Ghost Bandits– The Chronicles of James McConley Vol.4

At the end of book 1 our notorious bank robbers we trapped in a room, left to face the police officer at the door. Book 4 concludes that ending and advances eight years into the future.

Guy and Betty’s way of crime has led them into a life of hiding. It’s nothing luxurious, but they fit right in at the trailer park with the other lowlifes and losers. They have an answer to their pathetic situation, however…one more heist, and a big one.

In the meantime, a twisted form of vigilante justice sweeps the streets, plunging Hardin City into a wave of crime and terror, the likes of which it’s never seen.

Obstructed by tight-lipped federal agents, Sheriff McConley and his colleagues attempt to piece together the madness, but there’s no sense to be made of the mounting mayhem.

What happens when bad guys meet more extreme and over-the-top bad guys? Find out in this gripping tale of desperation and retribution.

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TOWN-The Chronicles of James McConley Vol. 1

In a vast range of mountains beneath an ancient evergreen forest there is a hidden town, known only as Town.

When Sheriff McConley and his deputies follow the trail of two bank robbers into Town, the satanic forces in control are soon revealed and all hell breaks loose, leaving the bank robbers to be the least of the sheriff’s worries.

More than a tale of two bank robbers, a hard-nose sheriff or satanic tyrants. Town reaches into the being, exposing the limits of man’s strength, revealing the foolishness of his pride, teaching the lessons of consequence for folly action and the harsh reality of poor decisions.

Town is smart and stylish. With an array of original characters, witty dialogue, and plot twists that will keep the reader guessing.

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The Light Witch-The Chronicles of James McConley Vol. 2 

An ancient evil has been summoned and runs rampant in the nearby woods. Able to possess, masquerade and kill, it must be stopped before it inhabits the ultimate host and carries out its diabolical will.

When Sheriff McConley receives a mysterious call for help, he and his deputies venture out to investigate. Soon, they are encountered by a reality changing entity and stalked by a rogue apparition with a sensual appetite and a desire to kill.

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Injustice Incorporated- The Chronicles of James McConley Vol. 3

Having survived the terror and bloodshed of Town, James McConley had miraculously—by his own admission—retained his elected position as the Drudge County Sheriff.

Now he finds himself in a similar position, except there’s no dead bodies to be found, three of his deputies have vanished, and McConley has no logical explanation. This time the apparent bloodstains on his hands will not be so easily wiped away.

As the state takes over the investigation into the missing deputies, a demoralized McConley finds himself on the other side of justice. Thought to have lost his mind, and deprecated by his peers, his only hope is Marcy, a nineteen-year-old girl who had been left thirty-two years in the past. 

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Sanctuary Shunned- A collection of dark poetry and philosophical blunder

While the highway to Hell may be fraught with peril, the road to salvation is littered with cons and laden with snares.

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