April 2020

A lone brutal man known as Corporal Punishment stands both hero and villain to the people of the wasteland

In a world seeking purpose Will Thrashard has got it all figured out. Revered by some and feared by all, Will brings meaning to a post-apocalyptic world.

Sadie Mace is one tough chick, she endures the apocalypse on her own code of ethics, she forgets she has any. Right or wrong matters not when survival is the goal.


I took an interest in writing at a very young age and wrote my first short story at the age of eight.

In 2009 I began to focus on a lifelong dream of writing a novel. TOWN, the 1st book in the Chronicles of James McConley series, is the brain child of that endeavor. The 4th book entitled the GHOST BANDITS, was released in April of 2019. I am currently working on a post-apocalyptic thriller entitled Corporal Punishment, expected to be released in April of 2020.

I’m inspired by people who go for what they want, despite what popular opinion may say. I have a thing for B-rate horror movies, prefer to eat more lobster, and despises daily routine.

On the Books page you can purchase an Autographed copy of my books via PayPal. You’ll also find a link to Amazon where you can buy on Kindle or in paperback.

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